The Ultima Project

Crowdsourced Video Game Documentaries

A new and intriguing concept from the man who made Chronicles what it is today, The Ultima Project, otherwise known as Chronicles Ultima is a new initiative meant to create the most in-depth and thought provoking video game documentaries out there. Ones that are built from the ground up by the fans of these franchises and not by a lone documentarian out to prove his mettle. Every other year one franchise shall be chosen and with the help of the communities, super fans, and fan sites surrounding them we’ll slowly over time build the perfect documentary instead of putting it together like a puzzle piece in one fell swoop. Translators will be brought in to translate transcripts and interviews so we know the true story behind each game and, when alls said and done, we’ll get permission from the rights holders to sell the feature length documentary online and send it around to various film festivals so it can be one of the few award winning video game documentaries out there. Proceeds will be dolled out to whomever deserves it the most and anyone who takes part in the endeavor will me given a spot in the credits. The only way to make the greatest video game documentaries of all time is through camaraderie and mutual trust, the same way many games are played today.

It All Begins In 2018

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